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Vivaldi browser 1.12 Released with 3 Brand-New Features

Vivaldi red logo

Vivaldi red logo

The 1.12 release of Vivaldi web browser was released earlier today. The new release features three brand-new features, many improvements and various bug-fixes.

Vivaldi release highlights:

  • Instant access to Image Properties, right-clicking on the image and selecting Image Properties all the information available based on the image meta data.
  • Advanced Download info, in download panel display name of the file, download speed, download URL, destination folder, and date and time.
  • Add the ability to sort Downloads by type
  • Add an option for toning down saturation for websites’ theme colors.
  • Read the announcement for more.


Download / Install Vivaldi browser:

The official download page offers the 64-bit and 32-bit DEB packages for Ubuntu / Debian based systems:

Vivaldi Download (DEB)

Get it from the previous link, then click install via Gdebi / Ubuntu Software, or by running command:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/vivaldi-stable_*.deb; sudo apt -f install

For those who have a previous release installed, and enabled the Vivaldi repository, upgrade the browser via Software Updater utility:


To manually add / enable the Vivaldi repository:

Use “Software & Updates” utility if you installed and DEB package of the browser:


Or run command in terminal to add the repository:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vivaldi.list'

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