How to improve conversion rates with product videos

improve your video marketing conversion rate
Improve your video marketing conversion rate -
Product videos to improve conversion rates

In light of the current pandemic, you must optimise your site and keep a watchful eye for fresh ways to improve it. You may be getting a lot of traffic to your website but no sales because of your high-quality videos. You’re not the only one, and countless marketing professionals have encountered this issue.improve your video marketing conversion rateimprove your video marketing conversion rateimprove your video marketing conversion rateimprove your video marketing conversion rate

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Do product videos increase sales?

You can’t make money from traffic acquisition unless you can turn those people into paying clients. Hence, your optimisation approach should include content and video marketing. With the help of these methods, you can increase the number of people who see your films and turn them into sales. However, you may improve your product video by following these six tips:

1. To Boost Visitors’ Interest

video marketing conversion ratevideo marketing conversion ratevideo marketing conversion ratevideo marketing conversion rate

Improve conversion rate: Boost visitors’ interest

Visitors’ level of engagement greatly influences conversions. The more captivated your visitors are, the more inclined they are to stay on your site, having learned about your products and how they may benefit them.

While engaged visitors are more likely to stay on your site longer, they are less likely to convert into customers.

No other format of content can compete with video to attract and retain visitors. Video’s greatest strength is its ability to convey information in various media formats, including video, audio, text, and images.

Just imagine you’re looking for product details and come across two sites that include exactly what you’re looking for. Pages differ slightly, but it’s not much. A two-minute movie on the second page describes the product, whereas the first page has paragraphs of text. Which one do you prefer? Most consumers watch a video rather than read a written description in these cases.

2. Webinars And Demos

improve your conversion rateimprove your conversion rateimprove your conversion rateimprove your conversion rate

Webinars and Demos

73% of marketing and sales leaders believe webinars are an excellent method to generate high-quality leads. Why?

They’re a lot of fun. According to GoToWebinar, an attendee spends an average of 61 minutes watching a webinar. In a world where everyone is vying for our attention, having a customer’s full attention for more than an hour is priceless.

Webinars are effective at all stages of the client lifecycle. Webinars can be used for various purposes, from product demonstrations to discussion panels.

Webinars are a great way to get a steady stream of qualified prospects. They have a lot of information on your potential customers to provide. People ready to buy and those who may need a little extra guidance to reach that final decision. You can acquire lead and engagement data for your sales team to leverage personalised outreach with each webinar registrant.

Make sure to record streaming video for your webinar if you plan on doing so. You can do this in several ways, including making a YouTube video. As a result, buyers who couldn’t attend the event can revisit the content anytime to study all about you and your offerings.

3. Create Short & Concise Videos

short and concise videoshort and concise videoshort and concise videoshort and concise videoToday’s product videos must be clear and concise in order to maximize conversions. As a result, instead of delivering a 30-minute speech extolling the virtues of your product, focus on the key points and convey them objectively. 

Your product’s unique characteristic benefits to the customer and unique selling proposition will all be highlighted in this technique. It will also help you convince the buyer that your product is the best choice.

Video length should be limited to 1-5 minutes, according to industry standards. However, the overall length of the product video can vary based on the purpose of the video and the platform it will be used.

4. Earn Viewers’ Trust

trust develop with viewerstrust develop with viewerstrust develop with viewerstrust develop with viewersIncluding videos on your website or product page can boost conversion rates by up to 46% while also helping to establish client trust. It’s easier to connect with your target audience when you can put a face to a name.

In order to persuade your target audience to become a customer, you must first determine the best format to deliver your message. Providing the right high-converting video is critical to the effectiveness of online advertising. An interesting video marketing plan can help you increase sales and conversions by boosting your video’s visibility in the buying process.

5. Answering User Questions With Informational Videos

Have you recently viewed a make-up video? Or did you look up how to enjoy a match online? Preparing ahead of time to answer these questions is critical, primarily when they can be found on the product’s checkout page.

A compelling product video will answer the user’s existing questions as well as ones they hadn’t even considered — the kinds of queries that can deter them from converting, whether they realise it or not. Everything from the product’s specifications to its functionality and integrations can be explained in video form, alleviating some of your customers’ concerns that your product would fall short of their expectations.

6. To Boost Mobile Conversion Rates

increase mobile conversion ratesincrease mobile conversion ratesincrease mobile conversion ratesincrease mobile conversion rates

increase mobile conversion rates

E-commerce thrives because of the power of mobile. According to Statista, by 2021, 72.9 percent of all e-commerce orders will be made using a mobile device.

Is your online store’s goal to increase the number of mobile customers who buy from your store? Thankfully, video is here to save the day once again.

More than half of all online videos are seen on mobile devices. If you use video in your marketing strategy, it is more likely to attract mobile users, who have a greater video marketing conversion rate than desktop users, as we have observed in the past.

7. Add Customer Testimonials

The use of client testimonials in the video is another wonderful approach to connecting with your audience. 

Genuine-world examples highlight a real person who can relate to the brand’s target audience, a specific challenge that your products can resolve better than everybody else, and concrete proof of the promises made.


Product videos, in contrast to most other forms of content, have the potential to engage viewers more directly. As a result of this material, clients may consider your brand more authentic and original, which leads to a higher video marketing conversion rate.

Videos of expert quality are best, but you don’t have to wait to get started generating your own. A questionnaire with some of your clients or a demonstration of your software application in action can assist shift the sales needle.

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