How to find Best Kik Groups Chat Rooms for yourself – 2023

How to find Kik groups
How to find Best Kik Groups Chat Rooms for yourself - 2023

Kik Messenger is one of the best places for young people to meet new people. You can have one-to-one private chat or group chat like on other platforms on Kik. You can send text messages, videos, gifs, etc. with the help of Kik messenger. You can invite your friends over to Kik and create your own private group. Various public groups are available on Kik where you can join and meet new people. The trend of joining Kik to meet new people has turned people’s views toward Kik as some dating app.

There are various types of Public Kik groups. You can search for them and join if such groups aren’t full. Public groups on Kik might be related to various topics like tech, sports, and so on. You cannot just join random Kik groups to talk. You need to find a suitable group for yourself. If you want to find the best Kik groups then this article is for you. We will also learn how to join private Kik groups and how you can create your own group.

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What is Kik messenger?

Kik messenger is an instant messaging online application that is available on Android and iOS platforms. It was launched on October 19, 2010, by Kik Interactive Inc. Kik allows users to register without a phone number and valid email address which preserves users’ anonymity but Kik doesn’t provide end-end encryption. Kik is free to use and even has additional unique features. Kik also logs users’ IP addresses and ISP information. User information and conversation details like pictures are provided to law enforcement even without a court order.

Kik might not be the best place if you have secret conversations or want anonymity but it is a better place if you want to meet new people. Kik currently has over 300 million registered users on its platform. You can join Kik groups or can create your own group. The popularity of Kik is growing among teenagers.

Major functions and features of Kik

Kik is a free messaging application similar to WhatsApp and Viber. But other than sending messages there are many features of Kik. Here are some of them.

  • You can have one to one private chat.
  • You can block the person with whom you don’t want to talk.
  • Kik has an internal browser where you can open various apps within Kik.
  • Kik groups can be created where a total of 50 people can join. You can either make your group public or private.
  • Kik provides each user with a unique OR code which you can use to invite new members and start chatting.
  • Kik has various bots like a game bot, and quiz bots which you can use to spend time within the app.

Why Kik is so much popular?

Kik allows the user to create an account without a phone number and your actual name. The minimum age restriction is 13 years. About 40% of US teenagers use Kik messenger. Kik is popular mostly among teens. They can meet new people and chat with them. It isn’t the usual dating app but it allows users to anonymously chat with other people pretending to be someone. There are reasons behind the growing popularity of Kik.

What are Kik Groups?

Kik Groups are the chat rooms available on Kik Messenger. You can join either private or public Kik Groups. For that, you just need to signup on Kik messenger like any other messenger app. You can also create your own Kik groups. Kik groups can have a maximum of 50 members.

How to find best Kik chat rooms?

You can find best Kik chat rooms just by searching for them. You can surf various social networking sites like Facebook, and Reddit and search for the invitation to Kik chat rooms. You can also search for public groups from Kik. To find the best Kik chat rooms you must first categorize the thing you want to be interested in. Here are things you must consider to find the best Kik group.

  • Categorize the niche you are interested in first and which Kik group you want to find.
  • If you are interested in tech then the name of the group which you want to join will obviously differ from the name of Food and Travel-related Kik group.
  • Now search for the possible hashtags related to your favorite subject. Then search for the groups with the hashtag names. You will find yourself the best Kik chat rooms.

Join Kik Groups

You can join private and public groups. You need group codes, an invitation, or a group link to join private Kik groups whereas you can join public groups without any sort of invitation. You can join Public groups just by searching for them. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open the chat list and click on the plus icon.How to find Kik groups How to find Kik groups How to find Kik groups How to find Kik groups
  • Then click on the public group icon.How to find Kik chat roomsHow to find Kik chat roomsHow to find Kik chat roomsHow to find Kik chat rooms
  • Now search for the group you are interested to join. Search for the topic on which you are interested in.Kik groups Kik groups Kik groups Kik groups
  • Now select the group and tap join.

How to create Public Kik groups?

Public groups on Kik allows any user to join. You cannot change public groups to private once to create them. Here is how to create public groups on Kik.

  • Open Kik app on your device and click Plus icon.
  • After that tap on public group option. Now click on plus sign again.
  • Set name and photo for your Kik group.
  • Now select whom you want to add and click start to create public Kik group.

How to create private Kik groups?

You can send videos, photos, gifs and video chat on private Kik groups. It is easy to create private Kik groups. Here is the full detailed process for it.

  • Open the Kik app and click on plus sign icon.
  • Then tap on start a group option.
  • Now select the people whom you want to add to your group.
  • Name your group and update the pic.Create Kik groupCreate Kik groupCreate Kik groupCreate Kik group
  • Then click the start button from the top right corner to create your private Kik group.

Kik groups can have admins and owners who can add and ban members and have administrative access in Kik groups. You can add users through their usernames in your group. You can also share group codes or group links with users if you want to add them to your Kik groups.

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Kik can be an amazing platform to meet new people. Due to this reason, there is a growing popularity of Kik among young people. I hope this article cleared your doubts regarding Kik groups and how you can find one. If you are still in confusion then feel free to leave a comment below.

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