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How to create .edu email for free?

Did you just get admitted to a university? You will have got a unique email address that looks different from emails provided by Gmail and Hotmail. What is those email? Such email provided by educational institutions to students and staff which contain .edu extensions is known as edu emails. Such emails help you to get internal notices from the college administration and access resources provided by institutions to its students. You can access many student discounts and benefits using such emails. Accessing student discounts on amazon prime, and Spotify premium, while purchasing goods and so on are enabled by edu emails. But what if your institution or university doesn’t provide you with an edu email? What if you are not a student but want to get edu email? This article is for you if you want to hey edu email easily in a few steps.

When you join a university, they provide you with edu email of your college. Most of the US-based universities provide edu emails. If you are not a student but want edu email then this article is for you. You will learn methods to get free edu email and access many benefits such as iTunes discount, Spotify discount, amazon discount, and so on for free. Today we will learn today with fully working and tested private methods of creating Edu email for free.

You get .edu email for free when you get admitted to educational institutions like colleges and universities. Such emails are in the format “[email protected]” which is why they are called as .edu emails. But “how to get such edu email for free if we are not in university or college or if our educational institution doesn’t provide it? Today we will answer this question and learn to make .edu email for free.

note: this method is only for educational purpose. you are responsible for every task you perform!

Editors note: This article on creating free edu email is updated on November 14, 2022, with the addition of relevant information and methods.

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