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AWS or Amazon Web Services are a bunch of Cloud services that are provided by Amazon.

There a bunch of options to choose from for Deep learning, I prefer AWS the most because of the huge number of options that it offers.

  • First you will need to set up your account by hopping over to the aws website Here
  • After setting all up, login Here
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  • Next, we need to request for increase in the service limits, since by default all of the access to compute power is set to 0 and we need to request Amazon for access.
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Select Support from the Top Right corner
  • Click on Support from the Top Right Corner
  • Select Support Centre in the Drop Down Menu
  • Select Create a New Case from the Page
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  • Select Service limit increase
  • Limit Type: EC2
  • Region: Select the region closest to you. AWS hosts its server in varying places, for the lowest lag, select one that is closest to you.
  • Select Instance type as p2.xlarge
  • Select 1 or more as the limit
  • Description: In my case, I’ll be following FAST AI MOOC.

Now you might have to wait for a while untill you hear from Amazon, once your limit increase has been approved

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  • From the Side menu (left side), select Instances under Instances
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  • Click on Launch instance
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  • Next up, we have to select an AMI- Select one from the Community AMI: Anything that has the libraries needed should work fine for you.

AMI is an ‘Image’ of the OS with everything installed. Consider a snapshot of the states of OS after installing all the software. It can save you the pain of setting it all up, you can dive right into working.

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  • Next Select your Instance type, Select GPU Compute
  • Tick P2.xlarge
  • Proceed by clicking on Review and Launch
  • Next we need to create a Key-Pair to login to the Instance
  • I’m using a pre-created .pem. You may create a new one by selecting that from the Drop Down menu.
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Key Pair: We use Secure Shell Login or SSH to login to our instances, the security is ensured by A Key-Pair which gives you access to the instance

  • Download the Key pair ( A xyz.pem) file
  • Next you will be redirected to the EC2 Dashboard
  • First, you need to enable permissions for the .pem file
  • Open a terminal
  • Cd to the directory where the .pem file is
  • chmod 400 xyz.pem
  • This will set the permissions to use the file
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  • Next, click on the Instance and click Connect from the Menu
  • Just copy the “ssh -i xyz.pem….” command and run it inside your terminal
  • Type yes to save the Auth files
  • Voila! You’re in.
  • Remember to Stop the Instance once you’re done, AWS bills you for the number of hours the instance has been running.
  • A little charges might still be incurred on monthly basis-based on the Usage of space by the instance, Terminate the Instance to completely remove it, if you don’t need to work with it.

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