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Vivaldi 1.7 Released with Built-in Screen Capture Tool

Vivaldi screen capture

Vivaldi screen capture

The Vivaldi web browser has reached the 1.7 stable release one day ago, features a built-in screen capture tool.

With Vivaldi 1.7, you can easily take a screenshot of full webpage or selection area using the camera icon from the Status Bar or with F2/⌘E quick commands and typing “Capture”.

Screenshot can be saved on your disk or stored to clipboard to be able to share it by simply pasting it into an application.

Another feature, the ‘Notes’ icon in the Side Panel now has options to capture selected areas of websites and add them to Notes.

Other Features in Vivaldi 1.7:

  • Mute All Tabs by calling up quick commands with F2/⌘E and type “Mute”.
  • Mapped keyboard shortcuts for screenshots.
  • Configurable lazy loading for pinned tabs.
  • Native macOS notifications.
  • Addition of StartPage private search engine
  • Configurable top-level domain expansion.
  • Toggle extensions visibility option in the address bar.
  • Improved keyboard menu access on Windows/Linux for Chinese, Japanese and Korean users.

Download & Install Vivaldi in Ubuntu / Linux Mint:

Go to the official download link below and grab the DEB package:

Vivaldi Download Page

Then click install the DEB package via Ubuntu Software App, or run command (Ctrl+Alt+T) in terminal:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/vivaldi-stable*.deb

Installing the DEB package will add the Vivald Linux repository into your system.


So you can easily upgrade the browser from an existing release via the Software Updater (or Update Manager) utility, along with other system updates.

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