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The Alpha 2 of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus Released



The second alpha of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus has been released today, features images for Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu GNOME, and Ubuntu Budgie.

Pre-releases of the Zesty Zapus are not encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu flavor developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting and fixing bugs as we work towards getting this release ready.

This pre-release ships with Linux Kernel 4.9, LibreOffice 5.2, Firefox 50, and features:

Lubuntu 17.04 Alpha 2:

  • An LXQt image is still being worked on, please be patient.
  • Various different LXDE packages have been updated

Download Lubuntu 17.04

Kubuntu 17.04 Alpha 2:

  • Plasma Desktop 5.8
  • KDE Applications 16.12.1

Download Kubuntu 17.04

Ubuntu Gnome 17.03 Alpha 2:

  • GNOME 3.22 with a few apps still at GNOME 3.20 versions.
  • Flatpak 0.8 and Ubuntu Snap (snapd) installed by default.
  • The chrome-gnome-shell system helper is installed by default.
  • The tracker search indexing engine is now sandboxed.
  • gnome-icon-theme and several other apps are no longer installed for new installs.

Download Ubuntu Gnome 17.04

Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 Alpha 2:

  • latest budgie-desktop stable release v10.2.9.
  • latest budgie-welcome app with our browser ballot screen
  • AppIndicator support is now default
  • Terminix is the default terminal
  • Many new GNOME based applications are included by default

Download Ubuntu Budgie 17.04

Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Alpha 2:

  • MATE Desktop 1.17.2
  • Features full support of libinput
  • mate-panel now supports desktop actions.
  • Dropped PowerPC
  • The .iso images are approximately 200MB smaller.

Download Ubuntu MATE 17.04

UbuntuKylin 17.04 Alpha 2:

Fixed many internationalization and localization bugs in Ubuntu itself and bugs in software written by the Ubuntu Kylin team.

Download UbuntuKylin 17.04

Future Releases of Ubuntu 17.04:

February 16th Feature Freeze
February 23rd Beta 1 (for opt-in flavors)
March 23rd Final Beta
April 6th FinalFreeze, Release Candidate
April 13th Final release of Ubuntu 17.04

via: Ubuntu News

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