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How to Change Login Screen via GTK Themes in Ubuntu 16.04

Lightdm Numix GTK Theme

Lightdm Numix GTK Theme

Want to change your login screen? It’s easy to do it via a GTK+ greeter for the default LightDM display manager in Ubuntu 16.04.

Using LightDM GTK+ greeter instead of the default Unity greeter allows users to theming Ubuntu login screen via GTK 3 themes, and icons. And there’s a simple graphical tool to configure all the settings.

To get started:

1. Launch Ubuntu Software, search for and install “lightdm gtk greeter settings” utility:

install LightDM GTK Greeter

2. After installation, launch the utility, when it opens, do:

GTK+ themes and icon themes need to be installed in /usr/share/ directory so they are available in drop-down boxes in Appearance settings.

If you’ve installed them in local user folder, run below commands to mv to system themes folder:

sudo mv ~/.themes/* /usr/share/themes/; sudo chown -R root:root /usr/share/themes/

sudo mv ~/.icons/* /usr/share/icons/; sudo chown -R root:root /usr/share/icons/

  • Select GTK+ theme, icon theme, font, background image, etc in Appearance tab.
    Lightdm GTK+ greeter appearance
  • Adjust clock format, indicators in Panel tab.
    LightDM GTK+ greeter panel settings
  • Adjust login box position, on-screen keyboard, reader, screen blank timeout, etc in the rest of tabs.

After all, restart your computer (first time only) to apply changes.

Restore the default Login Screen:

To restore the default Unity Greeter login screen, open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run the command:

sudo apt remove lightdm-gtk-greeter && sudo apt autoremove

remove Lightdm gtk+ greeter

The command removes GTK+ greeter, the configure utility, and restore your login screen to the previous state after reboot.

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